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Readink - one of the best book apps ever!
- Book Genres: Werewolf, Billionaire Romance, Fantasy, Western, Mafia, Dark Romance, Urban
- Discover Exclusive Hot Stories and more

**Here's what's waiting for you**
- Personal library auto sync on every device
- 20000+ amazing stories here in one app, with special daily recommendations
- Read the latest chapters anywhere anytime.
- A rich interactive reading experience - share your thoughts and discuss plots with authors and the community.
- Unlimited reading experience - more new books hit the shelf every month!

**Massive Tags. Help you locate your favorite books in 5 minutes**
Fantasy, Royal Romance, Dark Romance, Werewolf & luna, Supernatural, Dragon, Vampire, Billionaire, Mafia and so on. We got it all!

**Hottest Web Novels at Readink**
If you’re looking for any of these web novels below, then you’ll love Readink for sure.
-「Most Read 5 Web Novels 2021」
-「Top 10 Novels of All Web Novel Platforms」
-「Best Sellers of Web Fictions 2021 - Love & Romance」

**Trending web novel at Readink:**
- 「Fates Hands」By Lori Ameling
- 「The War God's Favorite」By Jenny Fox 🦊
- 「Werewolf's Heartsong 」By DizzyIzzyN
- 「The Last Spirit Wolf」By Elena Norwood
- 「Untouchable」By Marii Solaria 🕊
- 「Between the Four Alphas」By K. K. Winter

Download the app and indulge in your fantasy dreams NOW!

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What’s New?
- Optimized Discover page, stories are easier being discovered.
- Payment details are now avalible.
- Fixed known issues and keeping improve your reading experience
Download: https://www.getlinkpro.com/?download-playgg=com.app.android.qw.readink

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