APK MB Bank / MB Bank

To be one of the top leading banks that provides modern technology for a changing lifestyle; MB continues to upgrade our App MB Bank in order to bring our customers the most worthy experience day by day.

Within 1 minute, customers can experience the smart, friendly and free - interface with automated extensions that include money transfers 24/7, transfer money via mobile, mobile cash withdrawal, and online invitation or online give via App MB Bank…

Customers also can have an ideal payment plan – anytime, anywhere with App MB Bank for electricity and water bills, flight and hotel booking, tax, credit card…

Especially, the new App MB Bank is the very first mobile app banking in Vietnam that allows users to connect their family member’s account together in order to make financing plan and spending management easier and more convenient for the entire family.

Another key point to remember is that users can plan their own financing solutions within the App to get more benefits and privileges. With App MBBank, you can connect more, live more and love more.
- 100% online registration with customized bank account number
- 100% online opening virtual credit card
- 100% free life-time both transfer fee & virtual credit card fee
Download: https://www.getlinkpro.com/?download-playgg=com.mbmobile

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mbmobile

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