APK Lemonade Tycoon / Viktor Borbély

However, this app is still a very beta version, I appreciate your feedback about future improvements :)

Lemonade Tycoon is about to buy the selling stands at the coolest places around the World.

Beach Front
Sandy Coast
Tropical Waves

You can improve your stands by adding better equipment. As well as get more staff on the board who can help you reach your goals.

Advertise your shop on TV or in Radio, social network will bring you more customers. Of course, for more money ;)

About me
I am fulfilling my childhood dreams by developing games. This is one of my first trial and keen to hear about Your feedback. I hope You will enjoy it as much as I was creating it to You!
Basic features to buy properties and collect money.
Download: https://www.getlinkpro.com/?download-playgg=com.anysolutions.LemonadeTycoon

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anysolutions.LemonadeTycoon

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