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Welcome to the land of Mysterious Haunted House Horror Escape! Find all the clues and puzzles of this Scary House because you have to escape this Horror House at all cost. Creepy dangerous entities are behind you and watching you from every corner of the Scary House in this Horror Game.
Story starts when an old man asks for a ride to his house. You as a player give a ride and go far away from the city in a mysterious land to a Horror Haunted Home. But wait! What happened next? This old man offers you tea in his Horror Puzzles House in this Scary Games.
How will you escape this Horror House & that creepy old man who has turned into a Creepy Ghost? Survive or Die in this Survival Escape Game because all Scary House doors are locked now. Be brave and fight for your Horror Survival in this Horror Jungle Game.
Tips to survive in this Haunted House:
Don’t make any noise
Solve the clues wisely
Search the survival kit immediately
Hold tightly your gun
Don’t look back once you are outside the Creepy Room
Take care of your health bar
Defeat the fear
Identify the ghost of Haunted House
Hide and run away to a safe place in Horror Escape Games

Enjoy the opportunity of fighting with Creepy Ghost in this Scary Horror Escape. Download our Horror Games - Creepy Survival & feel an overwhelming feeling of fear in this Haunted House Scary Game.

Download: https://www.getlinkpro.com/?download-playgg=com.Aastra.Gaming.haunted.house.scary.game

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Aastra.Gaming.haunted.house.scary.game

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