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Are you ready for the craziest safari ever? Then Animal Master: Hardcore Safari is for you. Summon your animals and begin a hunt after the cruel poachers, who come to disturb peace in the animal kingdom. Defeat the invaders in an animal fighting game and show who is the real king of the jungle. Let the animal evolution begin!


The stronger is your mutant animal army, the faster you’ll devastate the enemies. Freak out in the super power game and let your imagination run riot. Merge animals with different DNA’ s to strengthen your mutant squad. Summon units from different orders: birds, mammals, fish, etc. Birds never work alone, they’ll attack the poachers in a team pecking them with a beak. Lions and bears can frighten anybody with their loud roar. Elephants and rhinos will destroy everything on their path. Choose the strongest units from the animal collection in mutant lab and you will succeed in Animal Master: Hardcore Safari.


In Animal Master: Hardcore Safari you can fight in different locations. Irresistible jungle, quicksand deserts or blue waters of the ocean? Your animals will fight wherever you want.


There is a special game mode in Animal Master: Hardcore Safari. Activate it and the golden power will come to mutant animals. Whoever appears on a mutant animal's path, they better look out.

Why you will love Animal Master: Hardcore Safari:

- Supercool animation
- Many difficult tasks
- Action-packed gameplay
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Online & offline game modes
- Intuitive controls
- Simple interface

So, why are you still here? Let's begin the crazy safari. Download Animal Master: Hardcore Safari and enjoy an animal game.
Small fixes
Download: https://www.getlinkpro.com/?download-playgg=animal.summon.master

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=animal.summon.master

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